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All About Epiphany

On this episode, Stephen talks with Fr. Patrick Cardine about the history, the theology, and the traditions of Epiphany, especially about its unique trilogy of themes in the West.

The Ember Days: Part 2

Fr. Patrick is back with Stephen to talk about how the Ember Days anchor us to an aspect of Creation that can get away from us, helping us to sanctify this important aspect of our life in this world.

The Ember Days: Part 1

The What and the Where of Ember Days

Stephen is joined by Fr. Patrick to discuss the mystery of the Ember Days, the several theories about their origin, and ultimately what their true purpose is.

Moving Past Polemics

There's an unfortunate, but widespread, anti-Western bias that pervades much Orthodox writing, teaching, and preaching. It can be a huge barrier that not only turns off potential converts to the Church, but also a barrier for Orthodox people to think clearly and charitably. Fr. Patrick Cardine joins Stephen to talk about his diagnosis of this problem in a recent article he wrote for The Basilian Journal.

All About Advent

Exploring the Season of Advent

What is the season of Advent? Stephen is joined by Fr. Patrick Cardine to talk about the history and character of this singular season on the Church Calendar.

The music of St. Patrick Orthodox Church:

Video series on the O Antiphons by Church of the Advent Orthodox Mission:

Pre-Lent in the West

Stephen talks with Fr. Patrick Cardine about Septuagesima-tide (or pre-Lent).

Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany!

Stephen talks with Fr. Patrick Cardine about the character of Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany in the Western Rite.

How to Handle Halloween

Stephen and Fr. John Fenton discuss the history of Halloween, All Saints and All Souls Days, and what we're to make of our current cultural and liturgical situation.

Objections to the Western Rite

Stephen and Fr. Patrick talk through some objections raised against the Western Rite and respond.

Metropolitan JOSEPH's AWRV Address

The Keynote address by Met. JOSEPH at the 2018 AWRV Conference.

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